1500 Cornwall Avenue, 2nd Floor
Bellingham, WA 98225

The Whatcom Center for Philanthropy is an unprecedented venture between the Chuckanut Health Foundation, United Way of Whatcom County and the Whatcom Community Foundation. While these three philanthropic organizations have always collaborated closely, this new arrangement opens up opportunities to work together in new and different ways to better serve and support all of our Whatcom County neighbors. While each organization has its own suite of offices, they share meeting rooms and other spaces, creating an environment where connections are made, ideas are shared and great things can happen. 

Reserve a meeting room at the Whatcom Center for Philanthropy!  Click HERE for more information.

chuckanut-health-foundationWe share a vision of a vibrant community where every child gets a healthy start and every person           receives the care they need throughout their lifetime.

Suite 201  •  360-671-3349

united-way-of-whatcom-countyUnited, we fight for the financial stability of every person in Whatcom County. We fight for basic needs, combat barriers to economic mobility, and battle to break the cycle of poverty.

Suite 203  •  360-733-8670

whatcom-community-foundationWe believe that giving here, in the place that we call home, matters. We seek out knowledge about what works, and in partnership with people like you, we make living here better.

Suite 202  •  360-671-6463


The Whatcom Center for Philanthropy was made possible thanks to generous support
from these businesses: